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In almost every country in the world, people working in a REIDsteel Factory Buildings are adding value and creating wealth. REID steel have been making large industrial buildings since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Tiko - REIDsteel Story

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Visiting Madagascar was like taking a step back in time. Save from a few of the bigger towns, Madagascar was largely untouched by electricity, television and modern communications. Until recently, steel buildings were almost unheard of, with the majority of Madagascar's buildings being built from wood or cement.

Since 1975, Madagascar had been ruled by the autocratic Didier Ratisraka. By the time he was voted out of power in 2002, the country was in ruin. It was one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world.

But things are slowly beginning to change, thanks to the country's new president, Marc Ravalomanana; a self made businessman and devout Christian, who in his 2002 election campaign pledged to bring Madagascar into the 21st century. And he has never gone back on his word.

His reforms have been astounding. He has liberalised the economy, improved relations with donors and secured more than £1billion in debt relief. Madagascar's infrastructure, which had been crumbling to pieces, is now undergoing major work, and more and more tourists are coming into the country.

Some of Madagascar's success story is down to the success of Mr Ravalomanana's business 'Tiko', which is the country's leading dairy firm and conglomerate. It is the largest domestically owned company in Madagascar, and currently employs over 10,000 people.

In places where the time and hard work of people are not valued, buildings are made of concrete. However, where time is important and their effort is appreciated, steel buildings are erected, as they take far less time to construct and require much less manual labour.

Reidsteel were already building Tiko factories and process buildings for Mr Ravalomanana before he became president, and he continues to choose REIDsteel to construct the buildings for Tiko; and, separately, has encouraged the construction of many of the nation's new structures, including schools, hospitals, bridges, universities, markets and aerials, all designed and manufactured by REIDsteel.

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