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In almost every country in the world, people working in a REIDsteel Factory Buildings are adding value and creating wealth. REID steel have been making large industrial buildings since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Sheeting and Translucents

sheetingSingle skin uninsulated may be OK for garaging, but double skin insulated is best. Composite panels on walls may be appropriate, particularly for office areas.

Translucents are cheap. It is best not to have them in the roof but as hit and miss panels all round the tops of the walls/doors. If they are used in the roof they should have galvanised wire mesh inside.



We always advise the use of masonary in place of steel sheeting in the bottom 2.1m (7') of wall. If the sheeting is lower than this then then problems can occur:

  • Expense - Many more trims and cutting of sheets for windows and doors.
  • Abrasion - Sheeting often gets bumped by factory vehicles and fork lifts etc., making the sheeting look untidy.
  • Corrosion - Sheeting may corrode if dirt and moisture builds up against it. If the sheeting ends at 2.1m above the ground then the sheeting is kept clean and dry.
  • Aesthetics - Also a masonry finish in the local stone, or brickwork gives a nice finish to the building.
  • Security - Sheeting at floor level is a security risk as people can easily burn through steel sheets with oxyacetylene torches.
  • Foresight - Masonry can be easily modified when extra personnel doors or windows are required in the future.


Colourcoat Pvf2 (Polyester)

Vermillion Black Bahama Blue
Tundra (red/brown) Slate Grey Mountain Blue (grey/blue)
Java (brown) Alaska Grey Pinewood Green
Kalahari Oyster Glen
Morocco White Metallic Silver

Colorcoat HPS200

White SC Albatross SC (grey) Meadowland SC (very pale green)
Hamlet SC (ghostly grey) Wedgewood Blue SC (Cambridge blue) Moorland Green SC (pale green)
Goosewing Grey SC (medium grey) Solent Blue SC (bright electric blue) Jade SC (bright green)
Merlin Grey SC (slate grey) Ocean Blue SC (dark navy) Heritage Green SC (british racing green)
Black SC Saragasso SC (midnight blue) Olive Green SC (army green)
Honesty SC (pale cream) Aztec Yellow SC (vivid yellow) Bamboo SC (yellowy brown)
Mushroom SC (beige) Saffron SC Petra SC (pink stone)
Svelte Grey SC Tangerine Orange SC (vivid orange) Terracotta SC (dark brick red)
Vandyke Brown SC (dark chocolate brown) Poppy Red SC (bright red) Burano SC (purple/brown)

Colours will vary according to your monitor settings. This should be used as a guide only.

Other colours available

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